How to contour your face

How to contour your faceContouring is all about enhancing what nature’s given you – done correctly, it can instantly shed pounds from your face and give you that ‘fresh off the catwalk’ look. Makeup artists use many different methods to contour the face; I prefer to use powders after I’ve applied foundation, whereas some will use a cream coverage under or over the base. Follow my tips on how to contour your face to help you achieve the look you want.

Makeup tips for Summer

Makeup tips for SummerGive yourself a golden glow with my makeup tips for summer. We have great products to help you achieve a sun-kissed look without the rays touching your face. Be generous with the sunscreen but be mean with heavy weight foundations. Keep your skin looking dewy-fresh and your lips shade neutral.

How to contour your face part 2 - How to Fake a Facelift

How to contour your face part 2 - How to Fake a FaceliftI am a huge advocate of using makeup instead of invasive, costly surgery. Old-school Hollywood makeup tricks are just the thing at helping women turn back the clock without having to go under the knife. Using Professional Contour kits are what’s needed, here are more tips from me on how to contour your face to fake a face lift.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Faceshape

The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your FaceshapeGetting your eyebrow shape correct can be tricky, especially if you decide to follow the trend of big brows or if you virtually plucked them to nothing and need to think again. Follow my guide on how to fine the perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape and hopefully you'll get it right.

How to apply blush depending on your face shape

How to apply blush depending on your face shapeBlusher, it's used to bring colour to the face for a youthful appearance and accentuate the cheekbones. Confused as to where blusher should be placed on which part of our cheeks? Then follow my applications tips on how to apply blush depending on your face shape.

Makeup tips for brides

Makeup tips for bridesIf you are planning on doing your own makeup on the big day and need some advice, then follow my step by step makeup tips for brides for help. Watch my how to video to see you can get your wedding day makeup from ceremony to the dance floor.

Makeup tips for Valentines day

Makeup tips for Valentines dayYou want to look your most beautiful at this romantic time, here are my makeup tips for Valentine's day to see you through from before the date to the morning after. Keep the look simple and uncomplicated and match it to your amorous mood.

Makeup tips for mature skin

Makeup tips for mature skinGetting older doesn’t mean having to say farewell to looking great, indeed no, you just need to make use of a few of my makeup tips for mature skin to help you maintain that youthful glow. You don't have give up wearing makeup, you just need to try different shades and formulations, and to remember less is more.

Long Lasting Makeup

Long Lasting MakeupHow annoying is it when you put your makeup on in the morning and it looks perfect and then after the work/school run rush the look you carefully applied starts to disappear by elevenses and by midday it’s gone completely. What you need are the right products and top tips to keep your “face in place” with long lasting makeup.

How to apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencil

How to apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencilHow to apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencil - Use a soft waterproof eyeliner pencil that can preferably be twisted rather than sharpened so it has a softer edge. Lift the upper eyelid, look down and apply the pencil under the lash line with small backwards and forwards motions.