Daniel's Top 10 Tips

Choosing the right shade of blusher isn't difficult. Fair skins suit soft peach. Medium skin suit soft pink.
If you want to mattify a bright lipstick. Apply it then pop a one-ply tissue onto lips. Dip powder puff into powder then press on to tissue.
Tap a little Invisible Veil loose powder under cheekbones after applying powder blush to help make cheeks will look more defined.
If you like to apply more than two coats of mascara, make sure you comb in between applications so your lashes separate and fan out.
Want to streamline your nose? Sweep the tiniest amount of matte bronzer down each side then go over with finger to blend.
When using a new mascara always remove the blob at the end of the brush tip or you could end up with clumpy trashy lashes.
If you find that powder blush looks blotchy on skin, sweep loose powder on cheeks first then apply blusher.
If you think your fluid foundation doesn’t appear natural on skin, mix it with moisturiser to create a sheerer, more flattering finish.
If skin gets breakouts, don’t feel the need to apply heavy Base all over your face. Just disguise blips with fine brush and concealer.
To help stop Fake Tan rubbing off so quickly just after you’ve applied it, go easy on body moisturiser.