Makeup tips for Summer

To help your makeup last longer in the heat use my Silky skin pro-finish face primer.

If you want to use a foundation use a light one, keep away from a heavy coverage it will probably slide in the hot weather and it's not necessary when you use a faux tan product. My Invisible Radiance Foundation and Concealer is a gorgeous fluid foundation feels as light as a feather on skin. Not sure which shade is best for your skin tone, why not order a sample.

Apply a bronzer such as my Instant Tan and slowly build up the colour over entire face, neck, chest (if exposed) and ears. If you already have some colour – be it natural or artificial - bronzer is also a great way of helping your tan look like it’s lasting ages, but be careful as too much can look fake.

Make sure you don’t use a shimmery formula all over or you’ll glow too much and look unnatural. Look for matte face bronzers and use a nice large, soft brush for an even, streak-free finish, for fast and even application use my Kabeauti Brush.

To contour cheekbones while highlighting, the Spice Twice Bronzer is split into two halves. One side is darker and matte whilst the other is lighter and slightly shimmery. They’re perfect blended together and can be used on eyes to complete the look.

The formulas in the Daniel Sandler range of products are sheer enough to compliment fairer skin tones, cutting down the risk of looking tango-ed. Once you have bronzed, pop a little of your chosen shade onto eyes and lips so your whole makeup shades compliment each other. Then just dab a little gloss such as my Luxury Gloss in Skinny Dip onto lips to bring them to life.