How to apply waterproof eyeliner

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If you have oily lids stay away from adding any extra oils to your eye lids from creams, gels or serums. Make sure your lids are clean and dry by dusting some Invisible Veil loose powder on your lids or prime your eyes with some foundation and then dust the loose powder to make your lids matte. This will prevent the liner from smudging giving you the “Panda” eye look!

Rest the waterproof eyeliner pencil on the top of lashes and dot colour along lash line. Use a smudger brush to blend dots together to create a smokey eye.

Apply waterproof eyeliner to your upper rim to intensify the lash-line, giving you natural looking definition without the hard edge of a liner. Just lift up your upper lid, while looking down into a mirror, and apply the waterproof eyeliner in short strokes.

No need to apply colour all around the eye, just lining the upper lash line will look great especially if you flick it up at the outer edges.

How to apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencil

A simple line using a waterproof eyeliner *

Trouble with liquid liner? Use your waterproof eyeliner pencil liner first, getting as close to the lash line as possible. This fills in any sparse lashes and acts as a roadmap to follow over with your liquid liner.

You can create all types of looks with my Waterproof eyeliner from something simple as a fine line which adds definition or something more dramatic as a Smokey eye which has been around for some time with no sign this particular trend is dying.

Here's my tip on how to get the perfect Smokey eye with just one Waterproof eyeliner pencil and a Smudger brush. You can create a Smokey eye look with Eye shadows in varying shades, but the result won't last as long as using my Waterproof eyeliner.

The most used colour create this look is black, although you can use any colour if you wanted for a more subtle day time Smokey eye and select a contrasting colour depending on your own eye colour. Go for a pencil shade a darker than your eyecolour or something totally contrasting.

First apply a thick line of eyeliner close to the top lashes, and then a more subtle line under lower lashes, don't worry if the line isn't perfect.

How to apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencil

Here I am demonstrating the easy smokey eye, only using a Waterproof eyeliner pencil and a smudger brush at Four London **

You will have about 30 seconds in which to start smudging the liner so use the Smudger brush or your finger to gently smudge the liner on your upper lid up and out towards the brow bone, don't be too rough and drag the eye lid which can be damaging to the delicate skin of the eye area. The look you are wanting to achieve is to have the eyeliner gradually becoming lighter and the colour smudged just beyond the eye socket. If you are using your finger then use short strokes with the tip and the warmth from your finger will help to move the eyeliner around.

Then using your Smudger brush or finger, gently smudge the line under your lower lashes. You want to make the line appear softer, however with this layer you don’t want to move the colour around too much, then build the colour up gradually by re applying the liner to get the depth of colour and strength of look you want.

Lastly, waterproof formulas aren’t hard to remove a good quality makeup remover will do the trick.

*Image courtesy of Google images

**Image courtesy of Charli Charlsberg James