Tips to get the most from your mascara

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To get the most from your mascara make must sure you apply your mascara to every single eyelash on your upper and lower lashes regardless of formula or the finish you wish to achieve. If you prefer lashes to look more natural then one light coat is all you need but if you prefer a more glamorous finish then apply two coats and, if necessary, comb between each layer. I always think it's much nicer for eyelashes to look more glamorous at night time because it will make you look extra special and make your makeup look different to how it does during the day. I'm a big fan of black mascara as this always contrasts well against the whites of the eye and helps eyes to look brighter, younger and less pink.

Mascara looks great whatever your age though as women get older I always advise that one coat is enough and that if you have gaps in your lashes then draw a line very close to the upper lashes using a dark brown or black pencil to help your lashes look fuller and give subtle definition to your eyes.

For glasses wearers, go easy on the amount of mascara you apply as lenses can magnify makeup and make lashes look OTT. Another tip is to go easy with under eye moisturiser and to make sure you only apply it onto the skin and not the lashes because greasy lashes will make the mascara give you a panda eye look after a couple of hours .

It always makes sense to apply mascara to the lower lashes first and then to the upper ones because if you apply it to the upper lashes first then look up you will get mascara on your lid which is always really annoying.

My top tip for the perfect mascara application is to first make sure your eyelashes are absolutely clean, product free, grease free and dry. Curl them or ideally have your eyelashes permed regularly then apply a single coat along the lower lashes from the inner to outer corner then apply a single coat to the upper lashes starting at the inner corner wiggling the brush from the lash root to the tip. As you work the brush along from the inner to the outer corner make sure you apply a little extra mascara to the outer edge of lashes as these will give the eye an instant lift and extend the eye outwards .

Never pump the mascara wand in and out of the component because this will get air into the product and eventually will dry it out and if you find that the brush tip has a little blob always remove it with a tissue before using.

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