Makeup problem solver time!

Here a few answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Liquid or powder foundation and how to keep it from sliding off during the day.
A: No matter what skin type* you have there will be a liquid foundation that works for you. You also get a great range of light to full coverage and dewy to matte finish. Use a liquid foundation if you want a dewy or sheer finish to your look and to get an even finish use a base brush. If you like a really dewy finish, then mix a little of your moisturiser with the foundation to achieve the dewiness you want. But don’t forget the more moisturiser you mix in the sheerer the coverage.

* Ladies who have oily skin ought to stay clear from too dewier finish foundation should use a finishing powder to help with excess shine.

Powder foundation, can help to control oily skin with lightweight coverage and can prevent your pores from getting clogged this makes it ideal for those women who have an oily, acne-prone skin. Some powder formulas can make older skin look dry and even older.

To keep your foundation from sliding and help make your look last longer then use a primer. The primer will stop the foundation formula from collecting in fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

Another tip is to not use a moisturiser under your foundation which is too greasy as this will stop your makeup from lasting.

Q. Which red lipstick is the right shade for me?
A. If you are on the fair skin side then go for something with a touch of orange to brighten your complexion or pick one with a hint if coral. Don’t go for deep reds with blue in them as this will look too harsh against your porcelain skin…. unless you’re going for the Goth look!

Great news for those of you who are medium-toned skin who have the widest choice of all red for pick from. Deep claret shades for winter time to orangey red in the summer the choice is yours!

Stay away from reds which have orange in them and go for cool reds if you have a darker skin-tone, try magenta or fuchsia tones or go for a plum shade, all these will compliment your skin tone.

Tips: Rather than try lipstick colours on the back of your hand, put a bit on a fingertip and hold it up to your lip. Stay away from shades with too much orange in them, which will show up the yellow in your teeth. Dark colours can be deceptive in the barrel coming out sheerer than expected so test on skin before buying.

Q. How can I make my large nose look smaller?
A. To minimize a large nose, use shadowing on either side of the nose. This could be a bronzing powder that you use on the cheeks or our Sculpt and Slim compact especially designed for the job.

Q. How do I make my eye look bigger?
A. To make your eyes appear larger, apply two coats of mascara to top and bottom lashes. Using a lash curler will also help. Use a concealer below the eyes to brighten and a light shade of eye shadow on the lid for a wide eyed look.