Blotting powder for oily skin

Makeup tips for dealing with face shine

Oily skin can make your face look shiny but sometimes your face just gets more shiny during the day even if you don’t have oily skin.

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder is a non-coloured sheer powder which helps to prevent face shine without drying the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and fresh. Because the powder is colourless you can keep applying it without changing the colour of your makeup, unlike coloured powders which progressively darken and muddy your skin tone.

Keep this portable blotting powder in your handbag and use it throughout the day to de-shine your face and make it look fresh again.

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder helps to maintain a flawless matte look. You can use it alone or over foundation for weightless, clear oil control making your pores appear smaller and improving your skin clarity. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Improve your selfies!

Some blotting powders contain ingredients like Mica or Titanium Dioxide which act as reflectors for a camera flash, defeating your best efforts to get rid of face shine.

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder DOES NOT contain either of these ingredients.

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder

  1. Reduces the shine on your face
  2. Can set in your foundation so it lasts longer
  3. Helps to blur fine lines and pores
  4. Keeps your eye shadow in place because it creates a good base for your shadow and prevents it from creasing