Contour makeup made easy

Daniel’s expert tips on contour makeup

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  1. Start by creating a smooth, even canvas to your face by applying foundation.
  2. Using the matte contour powder from our Sculpt and Slim palette and a contour brush, sweep the darker powder side of the ear to the centre of the hollow of your cheeks, for perfect placement suck in your cheeks, and follow the hollows along the jawline and then go along the hairline to create a sculpted, shaded effect but use light brush strokes to build the colour slowly.
  3. If you have sagging skin under your chin and jawline you can use the matte powder lightly on those areas too - don't forget your collarbone. Slim down the appearance of your nose by applying the darker powder along its sides.
  4. Where you have created shade you now have to contrast with light - using the paler powder and a clean brush, sweep it along the top of cheekbones which will lift your natural bone structure.
  5. Take the highlighter, apply it above the nose between your eyebrows and  down the center of your nose, be sure to blend. What result do you get? The highlighter, highlights the main part of your nose, while the darker powder creates shadows on the side to make it appear thinner.
  6. Use the contour shade under the chin to help make any saggy bits disappear.
  7. Contour  under the collar bone, then highlight along the top of the collar bone itself.

Daniel Sandler’s expert tips on contour makeup made easy

Where to contour and highlight
  • You’ll be working on the whole of your face with one product or other so make sure to pull your hair away from your face. Contouring makeup needs to be blended right into your hairline at the top of your forehead, past your temples and down the sides of your face. By getting your hair out of the way will make it easier to see what you are doing and keeps your hair from getting covered in product!!
  • As the old adage says “fail to prepare then prepare to fail” – make sure you have prepped your skin so you can achieve a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Use light brush strokes instead of one heavy sweep so the effect stays natural. When using a foundation make sure it’s of the same or similar consistency as the other products you'll be using; so use all cream products or all powder products, don’t mix the two. Mixing textures can result in the different types fighting against each other and a caked-on look.