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How to apply bronzer

Want to know how to achieve a glowing sun kissed looking skin no matter what the weather is doing? Then have a go with our Instant Tan or Fiji bronzers and by watching bronzing tutorials and learn how to apply bronzer properly

Which bronzer to choose?
In general, go for a bronzer which is a couple of shades darker than your skin-tone. Test a little on a clean face to make sure it "warms" your skin-tone without making it look fake or even worse, orange!

Watercolour™ Crème Bronzer Fiji

Our Instant Tan is great for both fair and medium skin-tones and our Watercolour™ Crème Bronzer Fiji is great for the medium and darker skin-tones.

Instant Tan

If you can try having two separate bronzers, one for when you're at your palest in the winter, and another for your tanned summer skin.

Get your skin ready
You don’t have to wear foundation and concealer but if you want to apply these first and set with a bit of translucent powder to set if you’re using a bronzing powder or if you’re using a cream bronzer leave it out. Using a foundation will give you a blank canvas to work with and don’t forget to blend your foundation down your neck for a more natural look. Don't forget always apply creams before powders to stop any products from clumpy and falling off your face.

Use the right tool for the job!
It's really important that you get the right brush, one that you can control and with a large head to give you an even and quick distribution of powder.

Choose a big fluffy brush, swirl around the powder compact, then knock off any excess for an even finish. If your brush is too small and stiff, the results will be blotchy. Try our Kabeauti brush with its extra-large head or if you prefer a brush with a handle then there's our Bronzer/Powder Brush with its large soft brush head.

Now you've done the prep let's get going with the bronzing!!
Swirl the brush evenly in the bronzer. The best way to apply your bronzer is in light, even coats to build up colour rather than being heavy handed by adding a single dark layer at once.

Remember that sun would naturally hit the highest points of your face first, so smile and swirl some bronzer on to the highest point of your cheeks and blend up along your cheekbones. Follow our bronze by numbers image below for guidance.

Bronzing by numbers
  1. Along the hairline
  2. Swirl product on the highest part of cheekbones
  3. Down the centre of your nose
  4. Tip of your chin
  5. Take the bronzer down your throat and blend blend blend and on to your chest if you are wearing a low cut top.
  6. The tops of your ears

Finish the look of with an orangey-red lipstick or if you prefer something in a soft coral-red which will pops against pretty sun kissed skin.

Watch a tutorial here: