How to apply foundation

Having trouble knowing how to apply foundation, read my tips and watch the video below.

Using my liquid foundation your skin will look really lovely with a radiance and glow that you don’t get with powders.

This medium coverage foundation gives you a radiant, dewy finish while the concealer in the lid hides the nasties, helps cover dark circles under the eyes and blemishes.

The wonderful thing about this foundation is that once applied properly it doesn't look like you are wearing foundation,  you will still look made up but without that obvious heavy foundation appearance, your skin will look good and invisibly perfect.

This foundation is so good your skin will look fresh, glowing and dewy, help making  your skin appear younger, brighter and more beautiful.

Invisible Radiance foundation is good for all skin types, dry, oily or hormonal. The concealer works perfectly with the foundation as it slightly lighter than the foundation and when applied and blended properly it won't settle in to creases and fine lines.

If you have high colour or are hormonal try dabbing some concealer on to your cheeks with your finger, this will help keep your skin looking cool so if you are wearing blusher it can do it's job without you looking overheated.

If you prefer a slightly heavier weight foundation for certain areas of your face then simply mix the foundation and concealer together.

Add how to apply and added benefits

APPLY foundation with a dampened base brush, this will help with blending giving you a more flawless finish, apply to the centre of the face first blending upwards and outwards. Always remember to take the foundation past the jawline and down the neck. Prepping the face first with a face primer will help your foundation to last longer through the day and help give you a more even finish. By applying the foundation over the eye lid will help hide any broken veins and give your eye shadow something to hold on to.

The concealer is under the lid of the bottle and by using a concealer brush to apply the product will help you get coverage exactly where you need it.