How to do smokey eyes

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How to do a simple smokey eye look in just a few easy steps

You can use lots of different shades to create a smokey eye look it doesn't have to be just blacks and greys. For a simple everyday smokey eye you need only use one shade and an eyeliner which brings the whole look together. But remember to blend, blend, blend. Use your brush to blend your shadow and buff out hard lines.

So here we go!

First, apply a creamy concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone over the tops of your eyelids and up to the brow bone. This creates a smooth canvas for your eye shadow to stick to, and ensures that your eye shadow doesn’t crease, it stays on all day and keeps the colours looking vibrant.

Use an eyeliner to trace along your upper lash line, don't try and be too precise with the line as you'll be smudging it for a softer look. Try the dot/dash method for tracing your lash line, that means make little dots or dashes very close to each other so they merge in to one it's easier than trying to drawer a continuous line. Using the same pencil, dot/dash along your lower lashes and then smudge with a Smudger brush or your little finger. If you are feeling brave you can intensify your eyes by gently lining the upper and lower, inner waterline of your eyes.

Using a shade of your choice sweep powder shadow (brown and grey work best) over your lid and into your crease (socket line), blending the colour up and outwards, start with a small amount of shadow on your brush you can always add extra for depth of colour.

how to do smokey eye makeup

Where to place your eye shadow for a smokey eyes look

Now, sweep a pressed powder over your entire eyelid to minimise eye shadow creasing.

Using the eyeliner and go back over the upper lash line to create a stronger look or you might like to wing the liner out a little at the outer edges. You might also want to balance the intensity of your upper lid by taking the shadow and sweep a little just under your eye close to your bottom lash line.

To finish off your smokey eyes apply two coats of mascara.

Expert Tip: To create that undone look, smudge the liner using a Smudger brush, cotton bud or your finger. AND remember to blend, blend, blend. If you put your lipstick on first before doing your eyes you'll be able to balance your look perfectly.

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Classic Smokey eye makeup