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How to look younger

Makeup tips to look younger

Ever thought why some of your makeup don’t seem to work for you anymore? Or do you need a helping hand with updating your makeup look? Here are some helpful tips on how to look younger without too much trouble.

Facial skin becomes thinner, drier and more pallid as we get older so it is most important to keep your skin hydrated both inside and out, by using a great moisturiser which suits your skin without it being too oily and drinking plenty of water.

It's also important to use the right type and shade of foundation. Use a foundation with a warmer tone than you would normally, warmer tones have less pink undertones to help counteract any redness in the skin, pick a shade which is more golden as this can add warmth to a wan pallor. As for the type of foundation stay away from powders as nothing adds more years to your skin than a powdery finish. Powder settles into creases and lines; it also absorbs light which will heighten the appearance of dry patches on the face. Opt for cream and liquid textures which are far more forgiving on the face as they look fresher and can give a youthful dewy appearance.

 Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer


 When it comes to concealer, this might be your most important beauty tool as it will effectively mask the bags and shadows around the eyes created as we get older by thinning skin and sluggish drainage. Opt for a peachy toned creamy concealer which you can apply with your fingers. The warmth from your fingers will help melt the cream formulation on to your skin giving a “soft focus” appearance.

Start giving your face definition by making sure your brows are the best they can be and that does not mean dark, bold and dramatic as this can be as aging as over plucked sparse brows. Choose a soft pencil or shadow in a shade closest to your brows and apply using soft feathery strokes to fill in any gaps and blend for a natural look. Use a tool such as our Brow Grooming brush to brush the brow hairs upwards and in to an arch shape which will leave the looking lifted.

Eye lashes can make eyes look more youthful and awake and by using a good quality eyelash curler is your next steps to make your eyes look younger. Curl your lashes from the root holding the curlers for 20 seconds on each eye, then use a mascara to enhance them. Never use eye lash curlers on lashes which are already made up with mascara as this can damage the lashes and make them break.

Quick tips:

Blusher – stick to applying blusher to the higher part of the apple of the cheeks this will add colour without making the cheeks look gaunt as they would if you took the blush from the cheek all the way up along the cheekbone.

Eyeliner – use paler eyeliners as black can look too heavy and make the eye look heavy which is what you are working to eliminate. Instead use pencil shades in greys or browns or eye shadows applied close to the lash line to create the illusion of full lashes. An application tip is to avoid dragging the liner over the lid as this will make the eyelid crinkle and your line won’t be smooth. So lift your chin and look downwards (your eyes will look half closed) and use a soft pencil which won’t tug the skin.

Eye shadows – stay away from brown shadows which have too much red in the shade which will make your eyes look sore and tired. To make your pupil look bright try jewel tones as they counteract redness in the eye area and pick taupe and mushrooms tones rather than Browns.

Lipstick – try a new shade of lipstick rather than sticking to the same one you’ve been wearing for the past twenty years. Try a red shade if you’ve always worn nudes or if you’ve never worn anything but reds then go for a pink or coral. Main tip is stay away from too heavier formulation try sheer shades which are creamy and satin finished rather than matte shades.