Makeup tips for 60s and over

60s Its time to add some pretty colour to cheeks and lips because your skin tone will be looking slightly sallow. Achieve this by popping a pretty pink or peach toned blush onto cheeks but avoid shimmer as it may settle in lines. A good trick is to apply a makeup primer like my top selling Face Primer under makeup and on lips to stop lipstick creeping and give lips a smoother, younger look. Shades on eyes such as soft bronze and lilac brighten eyes and give eyes a youthful brightness. Try running my Purple Velvet Waterproof eye liner pencil along the upper lash-line and inner eye corner to add a youthful vitality.

You may be developing a dark upper lip, so check yourself in day light.

If skin on eye lids is thin and you can see little veins then apply concealer onto lids before eye makeup.

If skin tone is developing dark liver spots then use a moisturiser with anti-oxidant to stop it getting darker and hopefully lighten at the same time.

70s Skin tends to be drier in texture plus it loses its springiness. It’s time to grab formulas that youthify the look of your face and neck. Avoid too much powder so look for creamy formulas to help nourish skin and make it appear younger. Liquid, dewy finish foundations and Silicone based Cream blushers will add vitality to your skin tone. Go for satin-finish lipsticks and avoid matte lipsticks which make lips appear smaller. Avoid heavy eye makeup and go for subtle tones using soft pencils and eye shadows with a slight sheen such as my Sheer Satin Shadows.

Pencil liner such as navy blue looks lovely on mature eyes and can be worn quite subtly when drawn close the lashline. Smudge the line with a fine brush for a modern finish. Black mascara will also make eyes appear younger so don’t bother with brown/black or brown.

If you’re losing lashes or brows, fill in using matte shadow or soft pencil but avoid over-darkening as it will look unnatural.

Curl your lashes it actually lifts sagging lids because it does make a difference, use an eye lash curler such as Shu Uemura or for a more long term solution why not have your eye lashes permed, go to Sue Marsh for more information.

Wear false lashes as they give the illusion of lift and fuller lashes without the 'drag' effect, Try ones for the outer corners which will add an instant lift and are less challenging to apply. I love Sue Marsh's lashes as they contain colours that enhance eye colour and are easy to apply.

If you’re also wanting to disguise a sagging chin then sweep matte bronzer onto the neck and along your jawline. Try my Mineral Finishing Powder in Spice Twice for contouring and as your perfect natural toned blusher.

Make sure you pluck away white hairs from brows. Tame brows by spraying a little hairspray onto a brow grooming brush then sweep through brows.

If you’re starting to wear glasses, use cream to powder eye shadows and apply Primer under eye makeup to stop it creasing.

Check your chin for the odd long hair, don’t cut them but pluck instead.