Party season makeup tips

There's enough to do on Christmas day without stressing over what makeup look you should go for, just follow these party season makeup tips and tick off one item off your "to do" list!

A lovely simple Christmas day makeup look

If you don't have waterproof makeup then go for the long-lasting option and use a face primer and setting powder to help bullet proof your look.

If you're in the kitchen for most of the day, stick away from highly shimmering products as they will stand out even more if you get hot and bothered, that goes for a blusher which is on a strong pinky tone.

Here’s what you’ll need:

      1. Start by applying a face primer all over your face

      2. Foundation and concealer - Use concealing under your eyes to hide any dark circles, next apply foundation, it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to apply foundation and remember to use a light hand. You can always add more makeup and its less work than having to remove the excess.

      2. To apply eyeliner just smudge it along your lash-line for a little definition keeping it close to the eye lash roots.

      3. Then apply a couple of coats of mascara

      4. Next take a blush and apply a small amount to the top of the apples of your cheeks with your fingertip and blend upwards towards your temples.

      Remember don’t take the blush close to your nose it should stop in line with your pupil.

      5. Add a touch more primer to your lips  before using your your favourite lipstick

      6. To finish off the look, set your T-Zone with a light dusting of a translucent setting powder if you feel you need it.

      And there you are! Informal Christmas makeup tips to use and you’re ready for the day.


      Go for the WOW! with this smokey eye party look

      For the party look follow the first two steps above and here are the extra stages you'll need to know.

      1. After applying your normal base makeup, take the Beyond Sunset palette - apply the neutral shade (Sand) on to the eye lid using the Eye Shadow 1 brush taking it up to the outer edge. Don't forget blending is really important with this look so use a tapping movement to bland the shadow.

      2. Apply the same Sand shade to the lower lash-line using a Smudger brush.

      3. Now use the dark brown shadow close along the lower lash-line

      TIP - apply black eye liner pencil along the lower lash-line first to create a stronger look

      TIP - to keep the look soft and sooty just use the dark brown shadow from the palette

      4. Apply the dark brown shadow through the eye socket to the outer corner.

      5. Dip a fine liner brush in to water so it is just damp and dab it on to the corner of the gold shadow, apply along the lower lash-line from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye.

      6. Do the same with the upper lash-line and connect the upper lip to the lower using the same dark brown line.

      7. Use the pale grey shadow to highlight the brow bone.

      8. Apply the shimmer shadow into the corner of the eyelid for some real sparkle.

      9. Use out Waterproof Black Velvet eyeliner inside the lower waterline.

      10. Finish the look with layers of mascara