Strobe, give your face a glow

If you're worried about contouring because you think your makeup skills aren't up to it, then why not try Strobing.

Contouring is all about creating shadows, where as Strobing is all about highlighting your facial features leaving you with a healthy, natural look.

Here are some easy steps to get you on your way to achieve this easy look.

Get prepared:

Start with your normal cleanse, tone and moisturise regime

Apply your foundation if you want, make sure it's not too creamy or your face will look excessively shiny all over.

Our Strobing product of choice is our illuminating face powder, available in two shades, each palette works on every skin tone so just pick which colours you prefer. For champagne, peach and coral shade highlights go for our Radiant Glow

Use Radiant Glow to Strobe makeup your face

Radiant Glow

Or if you want deeper hues in cream, pink and browns then opt for Radiant Sheen

Use Radiant Sheen to Strobe makeup your face

Radiant Sheen

For hot and steamy party or holiday conditions or you want a Strobe product to stay in place all day then the must-have product to use is our Watercolourâ„¢ liquid blush Icing

Watercolourâ„¢ liquid blush Icing

Do not apply whichever product you pick all over your face or you will look too sparkly and the effect will be lost. Only add the highlighter only to areas of your face that would catch light naturally, see our chart below.

Daniel Sandler how to Strobe makeup chart

  1. temples
  2. above your brow
  3. your brow bone
  4. cheekbones
  5. to elongate your nose
  6. the cupid bows which makes your lips look fuller
  7. your chin

To get the best finish make sure you blend, blend and blend again or you'll be left with  patchy looking product on your skin. Simply use your fingers to blend the product in naturally, or for a slicker finish use a makeup brush. To set the look use a translucent powder.