Bridal makeup by Daniel and guest experts.

Daniel Sandler - listed top wedding makeup artist in Vogue Magazine's Beauty Insider  "an absolute wedding makeup guru, and a super-calming presence on the day"

Makeup artist Daniel Sandler

With the wedding season coming up quickly, Daniel shows you how to create the perfect Bridal makeup

Daniel's list of must-have products to create a beautiful wedding day look:

Retexturising Face Primer SPF 20
Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer
Invisible Veil Powder
Invisible Blotting Powder

Sheer Beauty eye shadow quad
Watercolour fluid blusher - Icing
Grey Velvet Waterproof eyeliner - check the web site of other shades
Baby Jet Mascara

Super Gloss - Super Strawberry, check the web site of other shades
Luxury Lipstick - Goddess, for the nude lip look
Luxury Lipstick - Pucker, with a pretty pink tinge

Watercolour fluid blusher - Cherub - for an English Rose bloom, check the web site of other shades
Watercolour Creme Rouge

Base Brush
Concealer brush
Eye shadow Brush No.1
Eye shadow Brush No.2
Blending Brush
Brow Filler Brush
Lip Brush
Powder Brush

Guest Makeup Artist

Top bridal makeup artist Sarah Brock, whose work has featured on the front cover of many Brides Magazine, tells use just how she created one of those cover looks and gives us a step by step guide for looking beautiful on your big day.

Brides Magazine

Sarah says:

1) To prepare the skin for makeup, I used Collin Resultime skincare. I applied the Smoothing Plumping Cream all over the face, the Eye Youth Cream to the eye area and the 3D Lip Balm to the lips.

2) The rest of the products used were by Daniel Sandler - I applied the Face Primer SPF 20 all over the face to help the makeup stay flawless for longer.

3) Next, I took the new Invisible Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer and applied this pretty, dewy base all over the skin using the Base Brush and using the Concealer Brush, applied the Concealer where needed.

4) I then used the Watercolour Crème Rouge Bronzer in shade Riviera and applied to the cheekbones (using my fingers) and then applied the Watercolour Crème Rouge Blusher in shade Soft Pink to the apple of the cheeks to give the model her pretty bridal glow.

5) To set the makeup, I applied a small amount of the Invisible Blotting Powder using the Contour/Powder Brush to the T-Zone and the eyelids (to prevent eye shadow from creasing).

6) To achieve the pretty, fresh eyes I created on the cover model, use three of the Sheer Satin Shadows. Using Eye shadow Brush 1, apply Gilded Taupe from lash line to the contour and using the Smudger Brush, apply a small amount to the lower lash line. Then apply shade Champagne to the centre of the lid using Eye shadow Brush 1 and then apply a tiny amount of shade Pale Moon to the brow bone as a highlighter.

7) I applied the Velvet Waterproof eyeliner in shade Velvet Brown to the upper lash line to give definition and to complete the look, I curled the lashes and applied several coats of the Baby Jet Mascara to the upper lashes, and one coat to the lower lash line.

8) For a gorgeous bridal pout, I used the Luxury Lipstick in shade Pucker and for a pretty shine, I applied the Super Gloss in shade Super Pomegranate.

Here's a gorgeous natural look Sarah created and she tells how you can do it yourself........with little bit of practise!

Natural look for brides

1) Apply the Face Primer SPF 20 all over your face, including eyelids and lips

2) Take the Invisible Radiance foundation and concealer and using the Base Brush, apply the foundation all over your face, starting in the middle and blend outwards. Next, using the Concealer Brush, apply the concealer under the eyes and anywhere else that you may need more coverage.

3) For a pretty bridal glow, apply the Watercolour Crème Rouge Blusher in shade Soft Peach to the apple of your cheeks. Apply with fingers and blend upwards and outwards towards the hairline.

4) To set your makeup, using the Contour/Powder Brush and dust the Invisible Blotting Powder lightly over your face.

5) To create a subtle contour, using the Contour/Powder Brush, apply the dark side of the Sculpt and Slim effect contour face powder under the cheekbones and then take the highlighter from the palette and apply on the highest part of your cheekbones.

6) For a polished look to the brows, take the Brow Filler Brush and in light strokes, apply the Matte Shadow in Tornado and brush gently with the Brow Groomer Brush.

7) To create this stunning look on your eyes, take the Scandal at Midnight Eye Palette. Apply the pretty silver tone lightly over your lids using Eye shadow Brush 2, then add a little definition with the brown shade in your contour (again I used another Eye shadow Brush 2) and very finely under the lower lashes using the Smudger Brush. Be sure to blend well using the Blending Brush. The lightest cream shade in this palette makes the perfect highlighter - apply under the brow bone and in the inner corners of the eyes to create brightness.

8) To add a real 'wow' factor, I took the Liner/Blemish Brush, dampened it slightly and using the black colour from the palette, lined finely along the top lash-line and the dotted a tiny amount as close the the lower lash line as possible. Next, take the Velvet Waterproof eyeliner in Black Velvet and apply to the inner rim on the lower lash line (you could leave this step out for a more natural look if you wanted to).

9) Curl lashes and apply the Baby Jet Mascara first to coat every lash and then build the layers with the Jumbo Jet Mascara, until you reach the desired thickness on your lashes. (I do use a waterproof mascara sealer from another brand if my bride is concerned with crying on her big day)!

10) Because this look is all about the eyes, keep your lips natural - I applied the Liner from the Crystal Pink Line 'n' Lacquer first (all over the lip area), then used the Luxury Lipstick in shade Goddess (apply 2-3 coats using the Lip Brush) and then finished with applying the Lip Gloss from the Line 'n' Lacquer on top.


The Invisible Blotting Powder

A Velvet Waterproof eyeliner

Crystal Pink Line 'n' Lacquer

Luxury Lipstick - Goddess

A few cotton buds and tissues!

Award winning makeup artist Sarah Brock

CONDE NAST BRIDES MAGAZINE SAYS: "Sarah is the industry leader in freelance bridal makeup"

BRITISH VOGUE SAYS: "Sarah is the go-to makeup artist for award-winning bridal makeup"