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Makeup for your skin tone

Not sure which shade of foundation or blusher will match your skin tone? Click on the four models below to see before and after shots to help you choose.

Daniel has only made up their eyes and lips. All makeup looks were created by Daniel and all products used are Daniel Sandler makeup.

Watercolour™ liquid blush - shade finder

Light skin with blonde, brown or red hair, freckles, burn easily:
Cherub, Chelsea, Icing, Angel, Rose Glow.

Fair skin with blonde or brown hair, no freckles:
Cherub, SpiceyChelsea, Flush, Gentle, Icing, So Pretty, Angel, Rose Glow, Golden Glow.

Light Golden skin , Light Mixed Race and Light Asian skins:
Cherub, Spicey, GlamourFlush, Gentle, Icing, So Pretty, Passion, Angel, Rose Glow, Golden Glow.

Dark/ Dark Asian skin/ Dark Mixed Race:
Hot Totty, Acid, TripFlushSo Pretty, Spicey, Glamour, PassionGolden Glow.

Hot Totty, Acid, TripFlush, Golden Glow.