Watercolour™ blush, which shade is right for you?

Light skin with blonde, brown or red hair, freckles, burn easily:
Cherub, Chelsea, Icing, Angel.

Fair skin with blonde or brown hair, no freckles:
Cherub, ChelseaFlush, Gentle, Icing, So Pretty, Joy, Angel.

Light Golden skin , Light Mixed Race and Light Asian skins:
Cherub, Spicey, Glamour, Gentle, Icing, So Pretty, Joy, Passion, Angel.

Dark/ Dark Asian skin/ Dark Mixed Race:
Hot Totty, Acid, Trip, So Pretty, Spicey, Glamour, Passion.

Hot Totty, Acid, Trip

Watercolour liquid blush Glow is an exclusive shade only available at Beauty and the Boutique

In order from lightest to deepest peach/caramel shades:

PASSION Watercolour fluid blusher Passion Provocative, subtle coral shade with silver highlights. Suits Fair to Medium Skin tones as an expensive looking highlighter, and a Tanned or Dark skin tone to enhance a sexy flush.
CHELSEA Peach tone with a merest hint of a sheen, giving the skin a youthful glow, great for all skin tones especially if you are on the fairer end of the spectrum.
GOLDEN GLOW Daniel Sandler multi-award winning liquid blush a chic, warm bronze shimmer.
GENTLE Watercolour fluid blusher Gentle Warm, peach toned colour that elegantly warms up fair /medium skin complexions.
TRIP Intense flush of hot tangerine that complements a bronzed face or darker skin tones.
SPICEY Careful mix of sheer terracotta plus a sexy pink shimmer to catch the light, wonderfully warm and exciting for medium / dark skin tones.
GLAMOUR Watercolour fluid blusher Glamour Richly toned terracotta/peach shade without shimmer, designed to enhance and flatter most skin tones.
HOT TOTTY Watercolour fluid blusher Hot Totty Bronzed goddess is what you’ll be when you apply this to cheeks. This stunning, warm shade mimics your natural tan with subtle, sexy golden highlights to enhance a tan or make you look sun-kissed. Skin tones with medium/dark /olive or light black skins will love it.

In order of palest to deepest pink shades:

ICING You’ll have cheekbones to die for with this pretty shimmery, pale pink highlighter. Watch it brighten and illuminate cheekbones. Dab some under brow bones or onto eye lids to bring your beautiful features alive. Can also be added to foundation to give you that “glow”. Great on fair/medium/dark/black skin tones.
ANGEL Watercolour fluid blusher Angel Delicate, shimmery, medium-pink shade that suits all skin tones as a universal cheek highlighter. You can’t go wrong dabbing this pretty shade on top of cheekbones.
CHERUB Watercolour fluid blusher Cherub Our Number One Best Seller. a delicate sheer, pastel pink that’s perfect for fair / medium skin tones that want the daintiest, youthful flush of colour.
ROSE GLOW Daniel Sandler multi-award winning liquid blush A pastel pink-peach shimmer.
SO PRETTY Watercolour fluid blusher So Pretty Medium-toned “hot pink” that suits all skin tones for a naturally “flushed” look. Suits all skin tones.
FLUSH Watercolour fluid blusher Flush You’ll look “naturally” flushed with this little baby. The ultimate, timeless shade that’ll knock years off you. Used on lips it’ll give you that bitten lip shade that Hollywood A-Listers love. Great for fair/medium skin tones.
ACID A hot wash of bright pink that complements skin tones that need a serious pop of bright colour to enhance their tan.