How To Mix Watercolour Liquid Blush Illuminator Bronzer Shades For Custom Colour

Custom Colour – Mixing Watercolour Liquid Shades

The beauty of liquid and gel formula cosmetics is that you can easily mix shades to create your own bespoke colour. If you have a couple of bottles of Watercolour Liquid Cheek Colour in your makeup bag, why not try mixing two (or more!) together to create your own, unique shade?

Here Daniel shares his tips for mixing Watercolour Liquid Cheek Colours, but you can apply the same principle to our Watercolour Gels, or indeed any liquid makeup you have at home. Why not try mixing your liquid lipsticks to create your own lip shade? Get creative, unleash your inner (makeup) artist, and most of all, have fun!


How to mix shades

Firstly, pick the shades of Watercolour Liquid you’d like to mix. If you’re not sure which colours to go for, Daniel has suggested some pairings below. Give the bottles a really good shake, to make sure the pigment is evenly distributed. Gently squeeze a drop of each shade onto the back of your hand and, using your fingers, blend the two shades together until well mixed. The colour will look very intense, so to check what the shade will look like when blended onto cheeks, apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist and blend. If you’re happy with the custom shade, you’re good to go – simply apply to cheeks as you would normally, using fingers or a brush if you prefer. If the shade isn’t quite right, adjust by adding another drop of whichever colour you think it needs.

Pairing ideas

Mix matte shades with an illuminator to create a shimmer blush

Our Watercolour Liquid Illuminators are less pigmented than our blushes and bronzers – on their own, they give skin a gorgeous, radiant sheen, with only a whisper of colour. You can mix a drop of an illuminator with our matte Watercolour Liquid Blushes to transform your matte blush into a shimmer shade, without diluting the pigment of the blush shade too strongly. For a more subtle sheen, try mixing a matte blush with one of our satin blush shades, for just a hint of shimmer.

Watercolour Liquid Blush Caress Mixed With Watercolour Liquid Illuminator Elegance - Swatches

In the photo above, we've shown how our matte, peach blush Caress (1) can be mixed with our champagne illuminator Elegance (2) to create a beautiful, shimmering rose gold blush (3).

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Use bronze shades to add warmth and golden highlights to your blushes

Our bronze shades, Hot Totty and Golden Glow, have a subtle golden shimmer that looks really pretty on cheeks. In the video tutorial below, Daniel shows how adding Hot Totty to our pastel pink blush Cherub adds a gorgeous warmth to cheeks, eyes and lips.

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Experiment with our Watercolour Liquid Customisable Colour Set

The four shades of Watercolour Liquid in this ready-made kit have been chosen to perfectly complement each other, so you really can’t go wrong when mixing two or more of these shades to create your own custom colour.

 Watercolour Liquid Customisable Colour Set

Watercolour Liquid Customisable Colour Set For Cheeks
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Daniel's suggestions

Daniel has suggested some more pairings below to get you started:

Suggested Watercolour Pairings


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