How To Contour According To Your Face Shape

How To Contour According To Your Face Shape

New to contouring? Check out our earlier post for our top-tips in how to contour.

Different face shapes need different contouring or shaping - some will need more highlighting while others will use more contouring to help create the shape you are after.

First step is to work out your face shape according to the image below:

Determin Your Face Shape With This Face Shape Guide

Contouring a Square Face

How To Contour A Square Face

Start by contouring the corners of your face to make them appear less angular and give it a softer edge. By adding highlight to your forehead and chin you give your face more dimension and a less flat appearance.

Contouring an Oblong Face

How To Contour An Oblong Face


Apply your contour to your forehead and chin to shorten your face and balance your features.

Contouring a Heart Shape

How To Contour A Heart Shaped Face

By highlighting your forehead and chin you are adding more definition and giving a gentle sheen to the skin. With your darker contour colour, you can narrow a wide forehead and soften a strong jaw line.

Contouring a Triangular Face

How To Contour A Triangular Face

The reason for contouring is to bring the narrow and broad areas into proportion with each other in order to appear similar to an oval shaped face. Contour along the jaw line to make this area more prominent and balance out the middle portion of the face. Highlight under the eyes to make cheekbones really pop.

Contouring a Round Face

How To Contour A Round Face

As your face is round you need to add some structure back into your face so it appears more oval. You will need quite a bit of contouring on the temples, cheekbones and the sides of the jawline which will give you more definition. Use the highlighter on your chin and forehead to bring these areas forward and give dimension. You can also create fuller looking lips by highlighting your cupid’s bow.

Contouring an Oval Face

How To Contour An Oval Face

Contour directly under cheekbones and highlight under your eyes to make cheekbones really pop. Highlight your chin and forehead to bring these areas into focus.

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