How To Do Your Makeup When You're Wearing A Mask

How to do your makeup when you’re wearing a face mask

It can be tricky to keep your makeup looking fresh if you’re wearing a face mask – condensation which builds under the mask and the friction of your mask against your skin can quickly disrupt your makeup. Watch as Daniel shares his top tips for mask-ready makeup, and we've also included some additional advice below, including how to minimise makeup transfer and ensure your makeup lasts all day.

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Keep layers light

No matter what formulas you choose, the more makeup you wear, the more likely you are to find makeup on the lining of your mask when you take it off. Now is the time to pare back your beauty routine. If you’re happy to, we’d recommend skipping foundation and just applying concealer to any areas you feel need it. If you do think you need a little more coverage, opt for lighter-weight foundations that are long-wear/transfer-resistant, as heavier layers of makeup are more likely to rub off.

A quick note on skincare: it’s important to think about what you apply to your skin before you start applying your makeup. Heavier-weight or oily lotions and serums can cause makeup you apply on top to slip and slide at any time, but particularly if you’re wearing a mask when friction comes into play. Try not to apply anything too rich (keep this for night-time). Oh, and even though you’re wearing a mask, don’t forget your SPF 😊

Look for long-wear cheek products

Watercolour Liquid & Gel - for stay-all-day cheek colour

Mask-ready makeup should look great whether you’re wearing your mask or not, and while your cheeks may not be seen with your mask on, you’ll want a little flush of colour in them for when you can take your mask off. Look for water-resistant, transfer-proof formulas which can cope with condensation and friction. Our Watercolour Gel Blushes are long-lasting, easy-to-apply, and comfortable to wear. Once set, they won’t budge, so you won’t need to worry about smudging.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Gel Blush

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Gel Blush

And while your cheeks may not always be seen under your mask, your cheekbones will be! Make the most of them by applying a long-lasting, rub-proof highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones to make cheeks pop. We’d recommend our Watercolour Liquid Illuminator.

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Illuminator

Daniel Sandler Watercolour Liquid Illuminator

Emphasise your eyes

Even “long-wear” lipsticks and glosses are likely to transfer onto your mask or smudge around your mouth, so we’d advise you to avoid any bold lip colours. Now is your chance to experiment with those stronger eye looks you’ve been dreaming of!

As condensation can build around the eye area when you’re wearing a mask, particularly if you’re wearing glasses too, it’s best to opt for waterproof eye products.

Our Waterproof Velvet Eyeliners are perfect – available in 6 shades, you can experiment with colour, whether you’re looking to create a slick, feline flick or a smudgy, smoky eye. You have some playing time with these, so they’re easy to blend, but once set they won’t budge or run.

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner

Powder is your friend

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder - combat shine and set your makeup in place

If you’re wearing liquid or cream products, a face powder can help set them in place and minimise makeup transfer onto your face mask (side note – our Watercolour Liquids and Gels are self-setting, so there’s no need to powder these 😊). Focus your powder on areas where you find your mask clings, particularly around your nose and chin, as this is where your mask is most likely to rub.

After you’ve been wearing a face mask for a while, you’ll notice the condensation building under your mask. When you come to take your mask off again, this can mean you’re a little shiny! Keep your powder in your bag for touch-ups on the go to keep shine at bay.

We recommend our Invisible Veil Blotting Powder – colourless, this mattifying powder sets your base and controls shine. With a powder puff and mirrored-lid, it’s perfect for popping in your bag for when you’re out and about.

Daniel Sandler Invisible Veil Blotting Powder

Daniel Sandler Invisible Veil Blotting Powder

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