How to get neat natural eyebrows

How to get neat, natural brows

Natural-looking bushy brows

A natural-looking, neat and defined brow can help frame your face and really bring out your eyes. We share some of our top tips for achieving a polished, natural brow look.


Before you pick up your powder or pencil, brush your brows up using a spoolie - try the Brow Groomer in Ruby Hammer's Magnetic Brush Set 02, or if you don't have one to hand, an old mascara wand will work - just make sure you clean off any old product before you get going. With your brows brushed up, you'll be able to see any gaps that need filling in.


For a soft and natural appearance, we prefer to work with matte eyeshadow powders rather than pencils to fill in sparse brows. Whichever you go for, choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your natural brow colour - remember, you can always add more colour to get a stronger brow, but it's much harder to take it away if you make a mistake! Our Matte Shadow in Cedar is a great colour for brows that are blonde, fair to medium brown or red. Darker hair colours could try Matte Shadow in Tornado.

Matte shadow Cedar

 Matte Shadow - Cedar


Using short, light strokes which follow the direction of hair growth, fill in any gaps in your brows. If you've opted for powder, try a stiff, angled brow brush. For a natural looking brow, try not to over define or square off the inside corners. 

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