Makeup tips for menopausal skin

Makeup tips for menopausal skin

Whatever side-effects you experience during the menopause, it’s essential to adapt your makeup routine. Here’s how to tackle redness, a blotchy neck or chest and adult acne, with just a few makeup products from Daniel Sandler, so that you can look and feel just as confident as ever. 

It's important to wear good quality suncream during the menopause, with a formula that suits your sensitive skin

Sun sensitivity

Before we tackle makeup, a quick note on sun protection. As the menopause develops, melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) lessen, and our skin gets way more sensitive to sun exposure. When it comes to sun cream, opt for a good quality formula that works for your skin type (dry, sensitive, oily etc) – it can protect and nourish skin at the same time. Check your sunscreen can be worn beneath makeup too; anything too greasy and your makeup might start sliding. Plus, it’s important to not just rely upon foundations with SPF. The slight protection might not be enough, and let’s be honest, the lobster look will never be en vogue.


Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer

Redness, rosacea and blotchiness

Do you get stressed when your complexion doesn’t play ball? Yeah, so do we. But spoiler alert: colour correction can bring a bit of harmony to your red skin. To re-balance, whether you’re dealing with rosacea, irritation or even a hot flush, try colour correcting with a green tone, just like the shade in the Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer. This lightweight, sheer serum neutralises redness, providing a smooth base for the rest of your makeup (so you can throw those uncomfortable heavy foundations out of the window). 

To apply the primer, use clean fingers to sweep evenly across the face (after sunscreen but before foundation). You can even build the product on troublesome areas. Once you’ve created the perfect canvas, try applying a light foundation for a natural, radiant look. 

Daniel says: To avoid lifting the primer when applying foundation, use a base brush or if using a makeup sponge, be light-handed and don’t press too hard. Remember to blend onto the neck and chest if those areas develop high colour or blotches too.

Our Anti-Redness Foundation Primer instantly cools and calms hot and bothered skin

Hot flushes and sweating

Hot flushes can feel like there’s an actual piece of hell inside you, making you feel sweaty and uncomfortable. It’s practically lava, right? But you help can help soothe your skin with the Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer. It contains Calendula, a natural substance that nourishes and instantly calms and cools the skin. And then if you get sweaty, use products that’ll lock your makeup in place through the day. The Daniel Sandler Long Lasting Waterproof Velvet Eyeliners are water-resistant and rub-proof, so you can create mesmerising eye looks that don’t budge.

Daniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner

Adult acne

Acne sucks when you’re a teenager and it can be distressing when it makes an appearance during the menopause, because not only do changing hormone levels disrupt your skin but they can affect your mood too. We say wipe away the tears, you can combat acne-prone skin and feel totally flawless by choosing products that contain Aloe Vera & Calendula to soothe and care for your skin when you have breakouts. HA also locks hydration in and keeps moisture levels high throughout the day and you can find this ingredient in the Daniel Sandler Anti-Redness Foundation Primer too. Plus, the green tone of the primer neutralises any redness from breakouts. Follow on with a light coverage of foundation to even your skin tone, and a concealer to spot correct where necessary, for a flawless finish.

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