Recreate Red Carpet Elegance: 4 Flattering Makeup Trends you’ll want to master with Daniel Sandler

Recreate Red Carpet Elegance: 4 Flattering Makeup Trends you’ll want to master with Daniel Sandler

The red carpet is not just a runway for celebrities; it's a showcase of beauty trends we’re going to see in 2024. This season, we've identified four trends gracing the red carpet, and we've got the inside scoop on how to recreate them using Daniel Sandler products for any time, day or night.

  1. No-Makeup Makeup.

It’s about looking prairie-fresh so think natural-looking, glowing skin. Go easy on contour and be light handed with base and powder. To start with, illuminate your complexion with a makeup primer so it immediately looks radiant. 

To achieve this look, try Blossom Colour Beauty Glow by Daniel Sandler

Tip: “No makeup-makeup can often be a little dull because earth tones, nudes and caramels can look a little bit flat,” says Daniel. “What makes the Golden Globes version so fresh and beautiful is to lift a complexion with an Illuminating primer then have a little pop of delicate demi-matte pink on cheeks. You can still contour but just go easy”.

  1. Love your skintone 

It’s not about warming up your skin with bronzer. It’s about enhancing your own skin tone with sheer formulas so you look like you, but the best ever. It’s about seeing skin texture and even-ing out your complexion. 

Use Daniel Sandler's Invisible Veil pressed powder to de-shine and achieve a Hollywood finish. Apply it with your non-dominant hand for the lightest touch. This technique stops you from over-applying while flawlessly concealing imperfections.

Tip: “It’s ok to stick to your natural skin tone and still hide imperfections,” explains Daniel. “Conceal dark circles and imperfections to make skin look as flawless as possible, but do it using really, really light layers of products so the finish is as natural as possible."

  1. Blush From Within

You’ll want a barely-there blush. This understated cheek finish gives the most youthful look and is loved by celebs such as Natalie Portman. 

Choose Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Liquid Blush in Rose Glow for a natural, ultra-sheer, illuminating flush. Dot a tiny amount on your middle finger then tap on apples of your cheeks to blend or use Daniel’s Waterbrush .

Tip: A pop of rosy illuminating blusher is THE key substitute to skipping bronzer when it comes to pale skin confidence. “My Watercolour Liquid blusher is the perfect texture for this, as it looks like the flush of colour is your very own”  He adds ”What you want to achieve is a watercolour-type finish so that your blush is as sheer and as delicate as possible”.

  1. Define Your Gaze

With the rest of your makeup being light and fresh, be sure to add definition to eyes to create an eye-catching contrast.

Daniel recommends using the Long Lasting Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner to define your eyes. Blend the line gently for a soft, sultry look. Pair it with mascara and perfectly defined brows for a balanced and captivating gaze.

Tip: “If you love your dark pencil, absolutely use that around the eyes but just blend away the line. Keep your black mascara if you want, and make sure your brows are really nicely defined.”

With these tips and Daniel Sandler's exceptional products, you're ready to steal the spotlight and embrace the glamour of the red carpet right in your own beauty routine. Shop the collection now at Red Carpet 2024 – Daniel Sandler Makeup



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