Plastic Packaging - Our Commitment To You

Plastic Packaging - Our Commitment To You

Plastic Packaging At Daniel Sandler

At Daniel Sandler, we are aware of the impact the use of single-use plastic is having on our environment. We are making a concerted effort to reduce our plastic consumption and to provide more sustainable packaging for our products.


We are looking for ways to use less packaging and therefore produce less waste. When developing new products, we are committed to choosing sustainable packaging solutions. Where possible, we aim to avoid using plastic in our packaging. Where plastic packaging is required for health and safety reasons, we will look for recycled or recyclable materials.

We will always look to keep the amount of postal packaging to a minimum when delivering your order, opting for paper and cardboard products where possible. The size of envelope or box used to pack your order is always chosen to be as small as possible, while still protecting the contents of your order in transit.

  • We use self sealing envelopes and boxes to package orders, cutting back the need for additional parcel tape.
  • We use recycled and recyclable paper products to protect the contents of your order in transit, moving away from plastic bubble-wrap.

If you have any other ideas about how we can reduce our plastic consumption, let us know! Send your suggestions to our team at

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