How To Disguise Rosacea and High Colour


Daniel uses the Anti-Redness Foundation Primer and then touches up areas of high colour with the Anti-Redness concealer, then finishes the look with foundation and our Watercolour Liquid Blush in shade Passion - a peachy shimmer shade which works well with red tones.

  • This image shows before application and after applying Anti-Redness products, foundation and Watercolour Liquid Blush in shade Passion.

  • This image shows the side view before application and after applying Anti-Redness products, foundation and Watercolour Liquid Blush in shade Passion.

  • This image shows the difference between wearing foundation only, and then wearing the Anti-Redness Concealer and Primer with foundation over the top.


Can you use the Anti-Redness products for Rosacea on their own without foundation?

The Anti-Redness Range has been formulated to neutralise red but for skin to look a natural colour it’s best to put foundation on top. However, some customers who’ve left reviews find the AR Primer works on its own without needing base on top.

How can I prevent makeup from aggravating my redness? 

Look for nourishing formulas so makeup feels comfortable on skin . Be gentle with
application and avoid being heavy-handed . In the summer, keep liquid makeup in
the fridge so that when you apply it feels wonderfully cooling. 

How can I make the makeup last over redness?

For added confidence and as a finishing touch , lightly set your makeup with a
sheer setting powder. Dusting some powder on your face and neck will lock
makeup in place and if your get a transparent formula that’s finely milled it won’t look cakey. 

Can the Anti-Redness Concealer hide broken veins that look blue/purple?

The A-R Concealer will help to knock back any red in broken veins, so will lessen the appearance of the purple, however if very blue you may want to look at an alternative colour-correcting product.

How do I avoid pale splotches when I apply?

The product will be easier to blend if you slightly warm up the concealer using
your finger.

If you take a finger and place it on the surface of the product then gently swirl your finger over it, the warmth of your skin should make the concealer softer and easier to blend. 

Another thing you could try is to mix a little bit of the primer with the concealer because that will dilute the consistency of the concealer. Ideally, a brush would be best for application, and also for mixing the two products together, but you can also try mixing a little of each product on the back of your hand using her finger instead of the brush.

I also suggest using less concealer if you find it is still creating pale splotches on your face. 

It’s all in the blending!

Which ingredients in the Anti-Redness concealer make it not vegan?

Beeswax is a natural wax produced in the bee hive of honey bees of the genus Apis. It has skin protecting properties and helps to relieve chapped skin, and has been found to be superior to Petroleum based barrier creams. Beeswax is not absorbed by the skin and thus creates a protective barrier for the skin and lips, retaining moisture in those areas. Completely non-toxic, beeswax is also known for its healing properties. Used for skin protection, moisture retention and its healing properties.