Our makeup is for all ages, genders, skin types and skin tones. We don’t believe in beauty rules apart from one: have fun, be authentic and express yourself.

Universal Beauty - Daniel Sandler
Honest Beauty - Daniel Sandler

Honest Beauty

We think beauty should be honest and real. Forget filters and photoshop, the makeup you see on our models, in swatches, in videos and on Daniel himself is the makeup you get in real life. Our makeup is designed to unlock your own unique beauty: enhance the features you love and let go of the flaws you don’t. You are one in a million!

Against Animal Testing

We are 100% against animal testing and always have been. That means that we do not allow animal testing at any stage of our product development or production and only work with suppliers that share our values. We’re proud to be a business built on compassion, not cruelty.

Daniel with his two dogs, Sid & Elsie - Against Animal Testing
Ingredients Transparency - Daniel Sandler

Ingredients Transparency

We believe in responsible sourcing and transparency. From day one we’ve pledged to use the very best ingredients that perform brilliantly and are proven safe and effective for skin. For more information on the ingredients we use and why, check out our glossary at the link below.

Our Ingredients


We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and treading lightly on our world. We’re not perfect but we’re always striving to be as mindful and sustainable as possible. For instance, we don’t produce seasonal collections as we think they generate unnecessary waste. One bottle of our hero product, Watercolour Liquid, will last an average customer an entire year.

We avoid single-use plastic as much as possible but if it’s required for health and safety reasons, we’ll use recycled or recyclable materials. We’ll also keep packaging for your order minimal, ditching the bubble wrap in favour of self-sealing cardboard and packing paper. As a small brand we know that every little helps so we’re all about thoughtful spending and repurposing – for instance, our Watercolour empties are the perfect size for decanting your creams for a weekend away!

Sustainability - Daniel Sandler