Xmas Party Season - Make Your Makeup Last

Xmas Party Season – Making Your Makeup Last

In his latest video, Daniel shares his top tips for ensuring your makeup stays put this Christmas - whether you’re partying through the night, rushing around town, or spending a lot of time in the kitchen where it’s getting hot and steamy. We’ve also popped some further advice below, but as always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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Skincare and skin-prep

Before you apply your moisturiser, make sure your cleanser and eye makeup remover are completely removed – any residue left in your lashes or on your skin will stop even the best formulas from staying put. If you curl your lashes, and find that the curl often doesn’t take, this could be why – any makeup or skincare left on your lashes will weigh them down and stop the curl from holding.

Opt for lightweight moisturisers, saving your heavier creams for night-time – anything too rich can cause any makeup you apply on top to slip and slide. You can afford to be a little light-handed when applying moisturisers to the eye area, or even skip it entirely. There should be enough emollient in your primer (if using) and foundation to keep skin comfortable.

Look for oil-free formulations

For a finish that lasts, choose oil-free, silicon-based formulas. In Daniel’s 30 years as a makeup artist, these are the products he has turned to time and again when he needs makeup to stay in place.

The silicon base of our Watercolour Liquid Cheek Colours ensures they’re water-resistant and budgeproof. They’re super lightweight, so won’t weigh the skin down, and look lovely on cheeks, eyes and lips. With 24 shades to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a colour you love.

Watercolour Liquid Cheek Colour

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Use a setting powder to create the perfect base for eyeshadow. Once you’ve applied your foundation, sweep your powder over the upper eye area – it will work like an eyeshadow magnet, and stop any oiliness coming through from your base and disturbing your makeup. Take a look at our Invisible Veil Blotting Powder – colourless, this mattifying powder suits all skin tones and really sets your base in place.

Invisible Veil Blotting Powder

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Choose waterproof formulas

When you want your makeup to last, we think it’s best to opt for waterproof eye products – particularly if you’re a glasses wearer, as condensation can build under your lenses.

Our Waterproof Velvet Eyeliners are perfect – available in 6 shades, you can experiment with colour, whether you’re looking to create a slick, feline flick or a smudgy, smoky eye. You have some playing time with these, so they’re easy to blend, but once set they won’t budge or run.

Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner

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If you’ve already got an eyeliner to hand that you love that isn’t waterproof, try applying it to the lash line, blending it with a smudger brush, and then reapplying a second layer of liner. This will help to prevent your eyeliner from creeping. You could also layer a colour-matched eyeshadow on top to really lock it in place.

Lock your lipstick in place

If you find your lipstick just doesn’t last, Daniel shares his top tips for lips:

Step One: Pat a little foundation onto the entire lip area, then sweep a light layer of our Invisible Veil Blotting Powder over the top of that.

Step Two: Apply lip liner around the lip edge, then fill in the entire lip area with the pencil.

Step Three: Apply a layer of lipstick, blot your lips with tissue, and apply another thin layer of powder.

Step Four: Apply a final layer of lipstick on top, blotting again if necessary.

And finally - lip glosses don’t tend to last as long on lips as lipsticks, but if you simply can’t live without, try and contain the gloss to the centre of the lips – anything too close to the lip edge can creep into fine lines.

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