Daniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner BlackDaniel Sandler Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner Black

Waterproof Velvet Eyeliner


Turn heads with our range of matte and satin eye shadows and long-lasting eyeliners. Our products are designed to enhance your eyes’ natural beauty.  Here at Daniel Sandler we offer easy-to-apply make-up to complement any colour and any kit.

We have a wide range of eye shadows to suit the look you want. Whether you want a bold look with our Matte Shadow or to create a shimmer effect with our Eye Delight, we’ve got you covered. 

All our eyeliners are waterproof and smudge resistant to ensure a super long-wear and a rich colour pay-off. In addition, the high silicone content gives a velvety finish and rich colour for an intense, buildable look. Choose between various colours such as blue, black, brown and more. 

For defined brows with a natural finish try our Brow Fix brush-on gel. The flake-resistant formula tames unruly strays and keeps the brows locked in place throughout the day. This makes a great edition to any make-up kit.


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