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How To Mix Watercolour Liquid Blush Illuminator Bronzer Shades For Custom Colour

Custom Colour – Mixing Watercolour Liquid Shades

A beginner’s guide to mixing Watercolour Liquid shades, to create a bespoke colour to suit your look and mood.
Makeup tips for menopausal skin

Makeup tips for menopausal skin

How to keep your makeup looking fresh, no matter what symptoms of menopause you might be experiencing.
Comparing Gel & Liquid Watercolour Blush

Cheek To Cheek: Watercolour Liquid Vs. Watercolour Gel Cheek Colour

Not sure which Watercolour to choose? We've broken down the key differences between the liquid and gel formulas to help you find the perfect blush for you.
Xmas Party Season - Make Your Makeup Last

Xmas Party Season – Making Your Makeup Last

Daniel's no-nonsense advice for how to keep your makeup in place this holiday season, so you can spend less time worrying about your makeup and more time with your loved ones.
How To Do Your Makeup When You're Wearing A Mask

How to do your makeup when you’re wearing a face mask

Daniel’s top tips on how to make your makeup last when you’re wearing a face mask.
Choosing the right shade of blush for your skin tone

Your Questions Answered: What's The Best Colour Of Blush For My Skin Tone?

When it comes to makeup, I firmly believe there are no rules. Be it eye shadow, lipstick or blush, if there’s a colour you’d like to wear, go for it! It’s how you apply it that makes all the difference. I'm sharing my tips and ideas for things to consider when choosing a shade.
Spring Clean Your Makeup

Spring Clean Your Makeup

The low down on makeup expiry dates, makeup brush cleaning and best practice to make your makeup last that bit longer!
Gym-proof your makeup

Gym-proof your makeup

How to make your makeup last as long as you do during your workout.
How to contour your face with makeup #2

How to contour your face with makeup #2

Whether it's needing to lift a sagging jaw, or disguise over-hanging eye lids, my tips "how to contour your face part 2" will help create a sculptured look.

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